SEO Raleigh

SEO Raleigh

SEO RaleighSE&E Web Marketing specializes in helping small businesses develop complete internet marketing solutions and works hand-in-hand with them to successfully implement and maintain them.  One of the largest components of any internet marketing solution is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our SEO services include:

  • Comprehensive Keyword Research
  • Competitive Market Research
  • Complete Website Analysis
  • Website Optimization (Architecture and Design)
  • Link Building strategies (inbound and outbound)
  • Comprehensive Reporting of Website Metrics (Google Analytics)
  • Analysis of HTML, CSS, XHTML for both Validity and Optimization
  • Setup and Optimization Of Google Places and Bing Local Listings

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SEO Raleigh – Local Search Engine Optimization

The whole point of investing in a website for your small business is bring customers to it and, hopefully, make more money.  This cannot be done if your customers cannot find your website!  This is where SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, comes in.

SEO is the most effective way to generate traffic for your website.


SEO Raleigh – What is Local Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization, in general, is a term for designing a website so that it is easy for Search Engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, to find your website and know what it is about.  Basically it is giving Google (the biggest of them all) what they want!

Local Search Engine Optimization takes SEO one step further by designing your website so that Google not only knows what your site is about but also where you do business and what kind of customers you want to target.

Imagine you are a dentist, one of 20 in your city.  A potential client has a toothache and needs to find a dentist in his area right now.  He pulls out his trusty iPhone and searches Google for “Dentists in Raleigh“.  A map shows up with a listing of all the dentists in Raleigh, and usually narrowed down to within a few miles of your customer’s current location.  The customer is in pain and needs service right away…imagine if your competitors show up in that all important map and you don’t!  The fact that you are the best dentist in the city and have a great website will be meaningless because your customer couldn’t find you when they needed you!


SEO Raleigh – Organic Search

Local Search Engine OptimizationThe scenario above illustrates the power of “Organic” listings.  These are listings that your customers see by simply using a search engine.  Organic search listings are the primary links people click on when they search for things.  Sure, there are ads galore within the listings (and they are pretty effective) but an “organic” listing is far more powerful for one simple reason….it has an air of truth about it.

Everyone knows that you simply pay for an advertisement to show up within web ads on a search engine.  However, a site that comes up from your basic search has much more credibility because it ended up there from the quality of its content rather than by virtue of writing a check.  This imparts a certain amount of credibility and trust to your company when you are on “page 1” …… and that equates to more customers walking through your doors!

Unfortunately, the reverse is also true.  If your site doesn’t show up in a web search you may, at best, be ignored because the customer doesn’t know you exist or, at worst, be considered less reputable to customers who are aware of your business and are looking for more information.

Take control of your sites SEO right now to avoid to use the power of organic search traffic for your business not against it.  Click here to request a free consultation!


SEO Raleigh – Local Map Marketing (Google Places and Bing Local)

Local Map MarketingThe map is very important.  More and more people turn to Google and Bing to find places to spend their money.  Do you know anyone that still uses a phone book?  In our example above, the unfortunate guy with the toothache was presented with a map of all the dentists in his area…he simply had to pick one and make an appointment.

But wait, the customer wasn’t only presented with a map was he?  There was a link to each business’ profile (if they have one) that shows customer ratings, directions to the dentist’s office, hours of operation…etc.  With one click, your customer can have all the information he needs to decide to do business with you and, with another, his phone can direct him to your door!

This is amazingly powerful!

It is essential that your business shows up on this map.  If your business doesn’t show on that map or, worse, the info is wrong, you will not get that customer’s business.  The good news is SE&E Web Marketing knows all the tricks of Local Map Marketing to optimize your Google Places and Bing Local listings and take full advantage of this opportunity.


SEO Raleigh – Aspects of SEO

SEO is a single term, but it encompasses pretty much every aspect of your website; from site layout and web architecture to the content, even the pictures, on your site.  In fact, good SEO includes as many (or more) things that aren’t on your site as it does things on your site.

Many web designers focus all of their efforts on making a site look good because that is the fun part.  The hard work is making the site look good not only to human eyes but to Google’s, Bing’s, and Yahoo’s eyes!

Search Engine Optimization starts at the beginning, when framing your site’s design.  It is infinitely harder to add SEO elements to a poorly designed website, after the fact, than it is to incorporate those elements from the beginning.

Imagine that you have a beautiful, shiny new house with all the fancy bells and whistles.  The problem is the house only looks good.  The roof leaks water at the slightest rain, and almost all of your heating and A/C escapes through the drafty windows.  Can you imagine how much more work, and how much more expensive, it will be to retrofit this house to make it perform better than it would have been to design and construct it correctly in the first place?

Many of the sites that businesses have are just like that leaky house.  They look good, but will not serve their intended purpose.  This is particularly true for “cookie cutter” sites that you can get for extremely cheap all over the web.

Effective SEO requires experience and intentional design.  SE&E Web Marketing has the experience and will work one-on-one with your business to make sure that your site shows up on the first page of your customers’ web searches.


SEO Raleigh – On-Page and Off-Page Optimization

SE&E Web Marketing takes a holistic approach to Local SEO.  This means that we will not only concentrate on the optimization of your website itself (On-Page optimization) we will also use Off-Page optimization as well.

Off Page Optimization is basically getting the word out to the web about your site.  There are many tools we can use to do this; such as using Facebook, Twitter, Hubpages, You Tube, Article Directories, Online Business Listings…etc.  The point here is to get as many sites as possible to talk about your company and have links back to your website.  This increases your site’s value in the eyes of Google, Bing and Yahoo and therefore increases your chances of getting on “Page One”.


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