Web Design Raleigh

What is Web Design Raleigh?

Web Design RaleighYour website is your digital real estate, calling card, store, and reputation. It says a lot about your business and many potential clients are judging you based on what they see online. We make sure they see the best you can offer with clean, functional websites.

This is a lot more than making an attractive website, although that is certainly part of it.  Good web design blends form and function. We strive to make websites that reflect your company’s image and personality while giving your customers the information they are looking for in an easy and functional format.

SE&E Web Marketing focuses on helping small businesses, many of which do not have large marketing budgets.  We understand that for many companies their website is a large part of their marketing effort and, as such, we make sure that it meets the clients specifications and goals.

Web Design Raleigh: Content Management Systems

A major element of Web Design Raleigh is making the site easy to use.  This is most important for the site’s visitors, of course, but also for the company itself.  Posting new content to your website needs to be easy and efficient so you can get your message to the website quickly and get on with your busy day.

To accomplish this we use WordPress for most of our sites.  WordPress is one of the world’s largest Content Management Systems (CMS) and it allows you to manage your website’s content quickly and easily from any Web Browser.  This can keep your costs down significantly because company’s can update their websites themselves with fresh content (such as industry news, promotions, and pricing changes).  If you’ve ever made a blog post, or posted a status update to Facebook or Twitter, then you can definitely use WordPress!

Web Design Raleigh: Search Engine Optimization

The primary way people find a website is through the use of a Search Engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo.  If your site doesn’t come up in the first page, research shows that a large percentage of web users will never see your site.  We craft every website with this in mind.  This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it is basically structuring your websites design and content to make it easier for the search engines to find the content and know what your site is all about.

As a small businesses owner you will rely heavily on Search Engines to drive traffic to their websites so we make sure your site gives the Search Engines what they want.

Web Design Raleigh: Our Process

SE&E Web Marketing focuses on helping Small Businesses.  We take a one-on-one approach with our clients and strive to understand their business structure and philosophy so we can incorporate them into the website.

Here is a snapshot of our process once you become a client:

  • Meet with you to learn exactly what you want from your website and set goals
  • Perform keyword research and other market research to develop a feel for your competition and what the search engines want to see.
  • Develop a “roadmap” of your site’s pages and content structure
  • Develop your site’s home page
  • Optimize all pages for search engines
  • Test every page and link to ensure proper functionality
  • Make revisions based on your feedback
  • Launch your site

These are only some of the steps we take when as part of your web design project.  Some projects are more complicated and other are more straight forward.  Our one-on-one approach ensures that you get the best website possible to meet all of your needs and goals.

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